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4 tips for your job interview!

4 tips for your job interview!

A job interview can be a turning point in your life. It can result in a chance for a colorful future or lead to a search for the next challenge. An interview can be stressful, especially when it is closing in. You ask yourself if you are really suitable and are you well prepared? Just when everything seems to go downhill, you find our blog and read this article. With these 4 tips you will absolutely rock your job interview!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

The first impression is perhaps the answer to the question; is this the candidate or not? To make a good first impression you must of course prepare yourself. First; dress to impress. This does not mean that you must always come in a suit. Know the company and the corporate culture. Adjust your outfit to this, but add a little extra as a "finishing touch". An extra copy of your resume and motivation letter? Check.

Now on your way to the interview. ALWAYS be on time. Be present at least fifteen minutes in advance for some mental preparation that you may need. It also gives you the chance to get used to the environment. This puts you in a more comfortable position when the conversation starts. The handshake must be perfect. Not too hard but certainly not too weak. Look directly at the interviewer in his / her eyes and introduce yourself nicely. A small chat (small talk) before the conversation starts and we start. Present yourself to be in a proactive position. Always.

Why should you be picked?

Be certain of yourself. You know best what your strengths and weaknesses are. Be honest about this. My teacher always said; it may smell, but not reek; don't put too many strong points together, because you are going to fall for it. Be prepared and read the job description carefully. What skills are needed for this? Do I have this skill set and why do you think that?

The employer and interviewer are of course interested in all your experiences but especially in why these experiences make you the suitable candidate for this position. Travelling in Asia might be very interesting for you as a person, but not when applying for a local reseller. Link your experiences to the needs of the position you want to obtain

Hold the cologne 

You may have a very nice cologne, but keep the spraying at a minimum. There is a chance you will be seated in a small room and the last thing that is wanted is your scent filling the office. Save it for going out, when celebrating that you got the job!

’’Do you have any questions?’’

Even if all questions have already been answered during the interview, it is important that you still ask a few questions. Can you describe the corporate culture? How large will the team I work in be? To whom will I report later? Asking yourself questions shows that you are interested in the company and you will find that this will work to your advantage. So when at the end of the conversation the question ''do you have any questions?" is asked, try to ask at least a few!

Use these 4 tips for a job interview! On our blog you can read more interesting articles about student side jobs, holiday work, money tips and more!