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The Curriculum Vitae: a professional resume with these 5 tips!

The Curriculum Vitae: a professional resume with these 5 tips!

''Your CV as a calling card for the employer'', you've probably heard that before. Even though it sounds like a cliche, it really is just that. Maybe you are not that handy with editing and you doubt whether you should put that festival job on it or not.. We are here to save you. We realize very well that after half an hour of messing around in such a word document, you are completely done with that entire Curriculum Vitae, or whatever you call it..

Yet it is really worthwhile to draw up a nice CV. It is actually the first thing that employers get to see. A striking and professional Curriculum Vitae puts you immediately ahead of the competition in your job application. We have 5 tips for you that are guaranteed to help you get your resume from a lean six to a big nine.

1. Een professional photo

No, no photo from your holiday in Kos. Also no mirror selfies. A photo should definitely not be missing on your resume. It is one of the first things that a potential employer sees. The first impression of your Curriculum Vitae will set the tone of your CV. So make sure you have a suitable and professional photo.

The photo must match the type of employer and the field in which you are applying. Are you going for a job at a large law firm or for a marketing internship at a startup? For the first, a photo in a suit might be a good idea, where you can suffice with a somewhat more informal photo during the marketing internship.

There are several options for creating a professional photo for your resume. There will probably be a photo studio in your area where you can go for a nice snapshot for your Curriculum Vitae. Otherwise you might have a friend who is completely into photography. They will probably want to take the time to make a nice shot of you!

2. Make sure your Curriculum Vitae is clear

Ensure a clear structure in your CV. A clear CV is very nice for employers. They can then immediately see what your experiences and qualities are. A well-arranged CV is often in chronological order. So start with your high school and end with your most recent side jobs and additional activities.

In addition to a logical and chronological order, a professional Curriculum Vitae must also be clear in terms of layout. Although your resume should definitely stand out, it's best not to use crazy colors or fonts. This will only distract from the content. And content is what it's all about!

3. Boast a bit!

Yes, you can boast yourself on your resume. You actually sell yourself to the company. Have those board positions, second language and relevant side jobs well displayed on your CV. You absolutely don't have to be ashamed of this. On the contrary.

By clearly positioning your qualities and achievements on your CV, you create extra attention for yourself. You stand out more. This makes it clearer to your potential employer why you are the suitable candidate for the position. Keep your modesty with the in-laws, on your curriculum vitae you can let go of that modesty.

4. Be honest

Although we discussed at the tip above that you can brag about it, it is important to just stay honest. You can over-color a bit, but keep telling the truth. If you mention lies on your CV, this will only turn out counterproductive.

This is because your integrity is affected. If your employer finds out that you lied on your curriculum vitae, you are suddenly very far from home. So create your resume based on the truth. How you give shape to that truth is up to you again. We talk about integrity, honesty and reputation in another blog, so also read that if you're interested in gaining status at work!

5. Have someone check your CV

A thorough check by a good friend never hurts. They can remove spelling errors and sloppiness from your resume. This way you know for sure that you have done everything in your power to create a good looking and professional CV.

Your resume is one of the first things your potential employer sees. Therefore make sure that you stand out. Create a striking, yet well-arranged curriculum vitae. Get a professional photo and always tell the truth! This way you build a CV that an employer can hardly say no to. 

In need of some more useful tips? Check out our website and be 100% ready for that next job!