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Money management for students

Money management for students

Finance.. It has never been an easy subject. Will you get through this month? Can I afford going to Amsterdam Open Air? And what about the weekend in Mallorca? Money brings a lot of stress. Earning money quickly with a student job or holiday work is of course very welcome, but your spending pattern is even more important.

Catch them young, as the saying goes.  Teaching yourself at an early age during your studies to handle money with care and responsibility will benefit you later. So are you organized? Do you want to know how you can use money conveniently? Then read on!


What is actually important?

We are currently in the consumer's age. Buy, buy and buy again! People are thinking too much about whether they can buy it and don't consider if they can actually afford it. "Yeezy’s, the latest iPhone and a designer handbag. Everything is possible, I still borrow from DUO. "

This is of course not the right mentality and you should certainly not proceed like that. Proceed selectively while shopping. Spending money is fun of course, but do it in a responsible way that is maintainable. You cannot compensate for a substantial expenditure pattern with a lot of work. Ask yourself first; what do i really like? What is important to me? When you know what you want, you can base a spending pattern on it and purchase what really matters!

Student discount… Take that advantage!

You will find student discounts everywhere: from cinemas to restaurants and from holiday trips to telephone subscriptions. You can save quite a bit of money using these! What do you have to do for it? Nothing at all actually! Every student receives a student pass from school. So don't just take it to your exams, to enter the school building, or to impress your parents, but use them to receive large discounts on everything the cities have to offer.

Measuring = knowing!

You may not even be aware of your spending pattern because you have never kept up to date. Budgeting is something everyone should do. The chance is that if you gain insight into what you spend every month and, in particular, what, you will reconsider some choices. Measuring is knowing. Confront yourself with your spending pattern and take on the budgeting-for-one-month challenge.

For a month you write down your income and what you spend and on what. It is almost guaranteed that you will reconsider some purchases and save some money. Here the other tips come in handy. You can save up for that really big item you want, use it for emergencies or spend what you find really important. To generate income, it is of course useful that you have a part-time job or are actively looking for one. Want to know more about student side jobs? Read our article here!

In the responses, let us know how you like the budgeting-for-one-month challenge and whether it has helped you become more aware of your spending. Would you like to earn more than your fellow students? Take our quiz and find out if you are a Jopper! 

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