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One-time work for students; pros & cons

One-time work for students; pros & cons

As students, we are extremely committed to our enormous freedom. Go where you want to, when you want to. This is due to the increasing popularity of one-off work. One-off work is work that you perform for a short period. Seasonal work, festival work or an occasional job at an employer. Just nice in between. Not difficult and quickly earned.

This way your agenda is not packed with days when you have to work. "Hey, do you want to have a beer on Friday night?" You can always say YES to that question instead of: "Well ... I have to see if I've been scheduled." Freedom = happiness! But what are the pros and cons of this type of work? We sorted it out for you in this blog, where you can read about all the advantages and disadvantages of one-off student work!


 * Beep ... Beep ... € 15.62 please. Are you still saving stamps? Would you like the receipt? Have a nice day! "" All day long. It will drive you crazy at some point, right? You have no variation when you have a steady student job behind the counter, in the snackbar or anywhere else. Your work has been determined in advance and you have agreed. So you have nothing to do other than the work that is in your contract.

And do you ever do something that is not in your contract but is actually meant for another position, and get paid extra for it? Forget it. The contract determines your pay and that will be it. 

With temporary work however, you have a huge amount of variation in your work. Festivals, beach bar, short jobs. You're running all over the place, doing all kinds of jobs without ever really knowing what to expect. That adrenaline arouses you and keeps you going. Sure, people are "creatures of habit", but a little variation once in a while won't hurt!

Networking ... It's just like working!

In the blog Tips & Tricks to do business as a student you can read about the importance of building your network. This naturally also applies to one-off work as a student. Why? You may have had three different jobs in six months. Switching jobs all the time is a way to keep getting in touch with new people.

In this way you expand your network step by step and you come into contact with pros who might be able to do something for you later. Need an internship in your graduation year? Or a job when you have just graduated? You never know what such a network is good for. By frequently switching jobs, you can quickly build up your network. Working and networking at the same time, you just have to be able to do it.

Getting a job, the fast way

The number of flexible jobs far exceeds the number of permanent jobs here in the Netherlands. Especially when it comes to part-time and full-time, a student can forget about getting a full-time job. You have other things on your mind. Flexible working is therefore specially reserved for people with a packed agenda.

You often schedule your work yourself or in consultation with other colleagues and can take your hobbies, friends, sports, school and so on into account. So are you looking for a job? Let administrative assistant pass by, you can always do that later. Flexible work, that is the time of NOW!

Job hopping

As always, all advantages have disadvantages. Job hopping may be something of today, but it is not attractive on your resume. This may cause some problems with getting a permanent job over time. During your interview you may have to deal with questions about your short working periods at every employer.

''You work very briefly everywhere. What kind of certainty do we have that you will not have left in three months? " If you have often switched jobs in the past, at least prepare this question well.


A bit of everything or everything from one thing? For positions higher in the hierarchy, specialization is often important. With increasing automation, the often simpler jobs are the easiest to automate. This is often also the work that you do as a temporary employee. You are therefore on thin ice if you do not specialize and make yourself useful for when the automation takes place.

If you are ambitious, seasonal and temporary work is not always reserved for you. In these functions you will get very little to do with self-development and career opportunities. If you are later on the sidewalk at a company with your diploma, you may sometimes lack experience compared to other applicants. So think carefully about this!

It's all fun and games, sure, but think carefully about the pros and cons of temporary work. Is it suitable for you? What do you want later? Do you get into trouble during your application because of this? Consider your choice well and act accordingly. On our blog you will find many more interesting articles about making money fast, the coolest student jobs, fun festivals to work at and tips to kill your job interview. We hope, of course, that you can get through student life easily with our tips and succeed with flying colors!