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A good reputation | 3 golden tips

A good reputation | 3 golden tips

Building a reputation is difficult but necessary. In our article "Working during your study, good or not?" You can read why working alongside a study is advisable. In this article we will further discuss the importance of a reputation.

Future employers will attach great value to reviews that previous jobs have brought you. See this as bonus points that will distinguish you from the competition. You are not the only one applying! So have you always put in maximum effort? Do you want to know what creates a reputation? Then read on!

1. Invest today - Profit tomorrow

Today's employees are too focused on what is described in the employment contract. In addition to that, they completely ignore all the challenges and opportunities that really matter. They established a mental barrier for themselves a long time ago and said, "Hey, this wasn't in the description!" This is of course not a proactive work attitude and shows that you have no passion for personal growth.

Grab those opportunities and take on new challenges! Not only is this good for a little variation in your work, but also for your career development. You get new experiences and become confident with actions that you never thought you would perform. If you are eager to learn and always looking for more knowledge, your employer will see the added value of your contribution and even more responsibilities will shift in your direction. This is called the snowball effect! And you guessed it; you benefit from that.

2. Give a little, take a little

Congratulations! You are now given more responsibilities. This is going in the right direction. Maybe so much that you have to call in colleagues to meet deadlines. It is of course very nice that various colleagues will be ready to help you out. It is a joint result none the less. But nobody likes profiteers.

It is important that you show that you are open to helping your colleagues when they need it. This stimulates the creation of a good working atmosphere, leading to a build-up of nice colleagues around you. This in turn ensures that you go to work reluctantly and you can always count on the people around you if necessary.

3. Respect agreements

Reliability is important when it comes to outsourcing work. It can take a long time before a trust relationship has finally been established, but once you fail to meet your commitments, it will work against you immediately. Always strive for clear communication, clear deadlines and a good division of work so that everyone can show his or her work for possible revisions for the benefit of the end result.

With respecting agreements you show that you value everyone's agenda and that you are a reliable person. This of course links directly to tip #1 and stimulates the snowball effect that will benefit you again later. If you then want to climb up within the company or want to change jobs, the opinions and reviews of (former) colleagues and managers come in handy.

Building a reputation starts with your student job. So implement these tips and build a killer reputation! On our blog you can read more relevant articles about interesting topics. So are you ready? View the job page of Jopp for a new chance!