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How do you find a job that matches your study?

How do you find a job that matches your study?

A part-time job that matches your studies. It is the dream of many students. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the job that fits your study perfectly, because most student side jobs are not that much related to the average study. Whether it is working in a restaurant or as a custom care employee at some multinational; the job rarely matches your studies.

That is actually quite a shame. A side job should not only be there to earn money, but also learn to something from it. On top of that, an employer can benefit from the knowledge that you have acquired during your studies. So, how are you going to find that academic side job for your studies? Whether you are a law student, studying marketing or commercial economics, these tips should help you find the side job that fits your study perfectly!

A job via Facebook!

Huh, Facebook? Yes, Facebook! You can find many groups and pages on this platform that offer fun study related jobs and internships. Take a look at groups that belong to your studies. For the law student there is the group: ''Lawyers & law students: vacancies, internships, recruitment''. New side jobs and internships are added here every week! This applies to almost every study, so be sure to find out which group to add yourself to!

By becoming a member of the group, you will get a good idea of ​​what jobs there are in your field. This allows you to orientate yourself later and find that perfect job for your studies!

Open application 

Found a very cool company where you would really like to work? Try an open application! Although there may not be any vacancies open, you just might convince the recruiter with your enthusiasm for the company. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Companies often like to receive an open application. Trim your CV well and show in your motivational letter how you can add value to the company. When the company is convinced of your qualities, they cannot help but think in terms of solutions. That way you know that you have found your ideal side job in addition to your studies!

Your university

Well, where else are you going to find an academic side job than by asking around at your educational institution? Often there are already several vacancies open, such as a position as a student assistant. Teachers often have another job besides teaching. It may just be that there is still a nice place for you here. You never know!

Of course you can also ask your classmates for their side jobs. It may well be that they already have a relevant study job. Maybe they still know a place for you in the office.


You may have already received a message from a hungry recruiter: ''You should definitely take that traineeship in that village somewhere in the east of the country!''. Of course you are not looking for this. However, LinkedIn's business network is a great platform to find a side job for your studies.

In addition to the many vacancies posted on LinkedIn, many potential employers are active on this platform. Take a close look which employers there are in your field of study. When you get a good picture of the situation, you can get started with the  scary part: approaching them. Ask the recruiter or employer if you can do something for them. This is how you act proactively and at the same time offer something. They can't ignore that.

Finding a (academic) side job in addition to your studies is not always easy. There are nevertheless many possibilities, you'll just have to go out there and take them! That job that matches your studies will not just present itself. To find that study job you will have to approach people, throw out open applications and ask around at your university or college. Good luck!

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