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Investing as a student

Investing as a student

''Becoming rich while sleeping!'' This is how investing is advertised by various companies who are only too happy when want you to use their services to become rich. "Give us your money, we'll make you rich ...'' (But first we'll get a lot of commission off it). That's actually what they're trying to get you to do. But you can do this yourself!

With the right tools at your disposal, you can transform into Jordan Belfort within a few weeks and invest with confidence! We have done our best to find the most relevant tips & tricks. In this blog you will learn all the ins and outs of investing; what should I do? What are the do's and don’ts? What is useful? You will find the answer below. Read on and learn the 3 tips for investing in your twenties!


Do not postpone investing. Start as early as possible. Of course you do your research beforehand and when you are really ready, you start investing as quickly as possible. Why? Because starting earlier in the long term can make a huge difference in the income generated. Forbes gives us a calculation example:

Imagine investing at the age of 30, with $300 a month and continuing this behavior until your 60th. With an annual return of around 8 percent you have 1 million dollars at the end of the adventure. If you start 10 years later, that is at the age of 30, you "only" reach $440,000. That's a big difference of $560,000, while you only invested $36,000 in the first 10 years from your 20th to 30th.

How does this work? Answer; interest-on-interest. It all comes down to the fact that with an increasing capacity you will also make more and more returns. What you generate in income in the first 10 years is invested again and you make even more money with it. 8% return on $10,000 is a lot less than 8% on $100,000. So start investing early and achieve great results in the long term. It is still unthinkable now, but then you can enjoy a generous pension in your old age!

Earn more = Invest more

In your twenties you have enough financial burdens and responsibilities to think about. Investing is probably not high on your priority list. Buy a house, lease a car, pay off your study debt, wedding (?), vacations and so on. Your days off have been counted and the bills are piling up.

It is advisable that the majority of your attention is there, but that you still try to invest something. As you get older, you may, thanks to your collective labor agreement and promotions, earn more and you can invest more percent of your income. According to Alex Whitehouse, financial advisor, the rule of thumb is as follows; start with 1% of your income and add 1% to this every year. You'll see the results in no time!

Simplicity is key

Now that you know that you have to start as early as possible and add one percent per year to the amount you put aside for investing, you may think to yourself; "Is that it?" Well, not entirely. Now it's time to make the process a little more efficient. We live in the digital era where everything should be faster and easier, because the current person really CANNOT handle more stimuli.

Automation plays an important role in this process. Make sure that the money you want to invest is automatically transferred from your checking account to your investment account. You can set this monthly, quarterly or "whenever". The point is that you no longer have to worry about it and that the process is actually fully automated.

This also has another plus point, namely that you are less likely to postpone because the new iPhone is just coming out. Of course you need an extra penny for that, so investing can wait. However...? No. Don't let investing wait for an impulsive release, but find out what is really important: The future!

So, go and invest that trade. You will never be the real Wolf or Wall Street by postponing it, so make Warren Buffett proud as soon as possible and dive into the endless information pit that is investing. Hopefully based on these 3 tips you are now fully prepared and ready for your first investment.

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