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Making some extra cash with a side job alongside study: is it a good idea?

Making some extra cash with a side job alongside study: is it a good idea?

Is it a good plan to start working alongside your studies? You are already so busy with your studies, study association, housemates and all those other social activities. Isn't it better to just focus on that study and turn on the DUO money tap?

The answer lies, just like with so many things, somewhere in the middle. Whether you should earn extra income with a side job in addition to your studies depends on various factors and circumstances. In this article we first explain how much you can earn in addition to your student finance. Next, we list three arguments in favor of a side job and two arguments against a side job next to your studies. After that, it's up to you whether or not to go for that side job!

Income in addition to your student finance

DUO on maximum and also a nice side job? That can give you a considerable amount of cash flow every month. With DUO on and a 20 hour workweek, this can quickly yield a small €2000 per month. But is this allowed? Or is there an upper limit to this?

If you started studying after 1 September 2015, you can earn as much as you want. However, did you start studying after 1 September 2015? Then there is a limit to what you can earn in addition to your studies. This upper limit has been set at €14,456.00 for 2018. [1] If you earn more than this amount, you will have to halt your DUO loan. You will also have to repay the amount that you have earned in addition to your student finance.

If you want to earn extra alongside your studies as a student, it is certainly useful to first sort this out. Although as a student you will of course not receive one, two, three and 15 thousand euros a year in your account, it would be a shame if you had to pay part of this money back again.

After you have checked this, it's time to earn extra! Or not? We first look at three arguments as to why you should start earning extra income in addition to your studies.


 1. A side job is fun!

Working and therefore earning extra can be a lot of fun. You have a nice team of colleagues and you get pleasure from your work. Okay, it might take you some time, but you get some fun, satisfaction and possibly very nice friendships in return. And money of course.

2. Making extra means less debt

Making ends meet without earning as a student will almost always mean that you will have to borrow from DUO. Either that, or mom and dad will have to help and that doesn't feel that good. At a certain point you no longer want to be dependent on your parents and you certainly don't want to bother yourself with a substantial study debt. A side job in addition to your studies prevents exactly those two things.

 3. It looks good on your CV

Okay, maybe not always. As a future lawyer, the delivery of sushi will not be a great addition to your curriculum vitae. However, do you work as a legal assistant at a law firm? Do you manage the social media account of a company as a marketing student? These side jobs in addition to your studies can be a perfect addition to your resume. This is how you work on your curriculum vitae, while you are also earning money. Just perfect, right?

Perhaps you have already sent out seven applications ... In the meantime, we are still discussing two arguments why you should not earn extra money in addition to your studies. Then you can really make your own choice.


 1. It costs time

And you really need time. Time for your studies, friends, family and other side activities. It may be a better choice to spend your time on your studies, because otherwise you simply cannot keep up with your studies. A good side job is nice, but when the result is that you do not complete your studies, you are further away from home. When you are following an intense and difficult course, it may be wise to focus all your energy and time on this.

2. It may not always be that educational 

Tapping a beer. Again and again and again. After all those nights you know how to do that. Working can be very educational. You deal with new people, you learn new (social) skills and you get to know a certain profession well. Yet it may be that you have mastered this in a few weeks. After this you stagnate in your development and you actually only work for that amount of money on your account every month.

So, now that you have seen both sides of the coin, the choice is yours. Three arguments for and two against. Are you withdrawing those 7 applications? Or do you already have your first job interview in the agenda?

Everyone's circumstances are different. A side job can, as we have seen, bring many benefits. In addition to money, it can provide you with experience, a better resume and friendships. However, earning a living in addition to your studies can cost you a lot of time that you could possibly spend better. To your studies, friends or other important issues. You also have to be careful that you do not earn too much in addition to your student finance.

So take all that into consideration and make a choice that you are comfortable with. It's your life after all! 

In addition to making this choice, you may find it interesting to know how to make some quick cash as a student!