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Never be late again with these tips!

Never be late again with these tips!

Latecomers.. No employer appreciates them. Being late, how normal it turns out to be among students, is an absolute no-go in professional life. When you are late you send an unconscious message that his or her time is worth less than yours and that they can wait for you. This is never the case.

Whether you have a student job, a weekend work or a holiday job, try to teach yourself to always be on time. Allow yourself at least 5 minutes to prepare yourself mentally for the presentation, meeting or whatever. That can work to your advantage. So you never want to be late again? Then read on.

Go to sleep a little earlier

It's all very attractive. Just browsing Netflix. And what about Game of Thrones? Watch some cat clips on the internet before you go to sleep. In the meantime, of course, you've already wasted 2 hours of sleep. Social media and our series keep us awake. This is directly related to falling productivity. Try to free yourself from all impulses from your phone an hour before bedtime.

Because this can be a bit tricky in the beginning, you can start using your night filter. The blue light from your screen prevents the production of our sleep hormone. Using the filter, these blue tones are replaced by orange hues, which actually stimulate the production of this hormone! This make you fall asleep better and easier. Now you can rest assured that you'll be refreshed the next day for your student side job and make some good money!

Create a routine

People like structure and routine. You too can shape a routine and let this work to your advantage. Teach yourself to follow an evening pattern of your choice. Dinner, sports, just making music and another episode before going to sleep. When you do this routinely, your body can get used to it and adjust the production of the sleep hormone accordingly. This ensures that when you are finally in bed you will fall asleep more easily for an undisturbed night's sleep. Go to the next working day at your student side job at full capacity by creating an evening routine!

5 more minutes… NO!

The alarm goes off. It's time to get up. Or not? Snoozen can go one time, right? Don't fall for it! When your sleep is disturbed by the alarm, it is better to get up immediately than to go back to sleep. Try using the following rule; count from 5 to 0 and then get up immediately. The best thing to do next is to open the roller blind for natural light.

This immediately stimulates the release of energy, causing you to wake up faster. The danger of a dark room is that you wake up with difficulty because darkness tells the body that it is not time to wake up. So make sure you immediately look for a light source for a beautiful morning!

If this still doesn't work for you, you can also try some sleep monitoring apps. The biggest advantage these have is that the apps can 'sense' when you are at your lightest sleeping point and wake you accordingly. This makes getting out of bed easier, since your body was subconsciously preparing for waking anyway!

Implement these tips in your daily life and never be late again! View our blog for more interesting articles about student side jobs and ways to make money. Apply at Jopp and see the kinds of work we offer.