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Quickly making money as a student | Is it possible?

Quickly making money as a student | Is it possible?

A student's life is not cheap. We have rent, a social life, possibly a relationship and vacations that all cost money. Especially that girlfriend.. All while we just have to study. Do we also have to work alongside it? Many students choose to borrow money from the government. At the end of your studies you will be stuck with a substantial study debt. That can be done differently, right?

Earn money quickly. Everyone wants it. I think that is just human. Perhaps even more in our generation. A generation that is used to getting everything just that little bit faster. But can we also earn money faster? We will discuss various ways in which you as a student can really earn money quickly.

5 tips to make money fast as a student

1. Sell your (study)books

Are you really going to use those study books in the year 2034? You have passed your course and are left with a pile of books. Will you let those books rot in your bookcase to be thrown away in a few years? There are different ways in which you can sell your study books, for example,  Studystore. Enter your social security number on the site and you will find out how much money you can get out of that marketing book or case law bundle.

There are also sites such as and Bookmatch where you can store your old study books for a good price. Other options are offering your books on Facebook pages that have new groups of students. They will benefit from taking over your books for a reasonable price. That is making money fast.

2. Start investing

This may not be the first thing you think of as a student, yet this is a way to make money very quickly. Whether this will save you a lot of money in the short term? Probably not. Unless mom and dad sponsor you equally well for those shares and bonds. These days, investing is becoming increasingly accessible. This way you can invest your change with an app like Peaks. You can miss your change, right?

By investing in index funds you spread your money over a huge number of shares. This limits your risk. By depositing monthly or even weekly, you also limit your risks. Because of this you sometimes invest when things are going well with the economy and sometimes when things are going a bit less.

Some equity funds pay dividends. You can have this paid out to yourself. Do you have somewhere € 1000 that you can miss? It may just be that you receive a 2% dividend on that. This way you have earned € 20, - in a nice way. Maybe not a huge amount, but you have earned it very quickly.

You can of course also invest in one or a few companies. However, the risk that you take is much greater here. The company can go bankrupt. However, the return can be much higher due to the risk that you are willing to take this. That way you can earn a lot of money quickly. But as said, there is a considerable risk involved. You can completely lose your money in one go.

3. Change your job

It's about making money fast. But how on earth can you make money quickly if you change jobs, i hear you think. A new job can mean a sign-up bonus which is a very nice bonus. However, it is of course about the salary of your new job. A higher hourly wage simply gives you more.

So look carefully around you for other jobs. When a new job brings you a few extra euros per hour, you as a student still have a little extra money in your account. Also look for any bonuses and other nice extras. This can certainly bring you some extras.

You can of course also simply negotiate your salary with your employer. Then you can nicely omit the switch to another job. Are you unable to find a solution with your employer? Then you can always make that switch!

 4. Rent out

Are you on vacation for a few weeks? Rent out your room! Certainly in the big cities, this is a great solution to quickly earn some extra euros. The demand for rooms is high there. Temporary rooms are also attractive to many students who are ultimately looking for a permanent room. Before you do this though, make sure to check your contracts if it is allowed in the first place.

However, you can become even more creative when renting. For example, if you have a car that you rarely use, you can rent it out perfectly! A perfect example of making money fast. There are several companies that do this nowadays, for example, Snappcar which allows you to easily lend your car to someone.

 5. Lower your spending

Another way of earning quickly is by turning it around; spend less. With lower monthly payments you have more money in your account every month. So take an afternoon to see how you can reduce your monthly expenses. For example, you could consider changing your supermarket. You can save tens of euros every month.

You also have a fixed laundry list of subscriptions and monthly transfers that are of no use to you. Delete the items that do not create value and your monthly monthly payments will be considerably less. That way you can 'earn' a nice extra bit of money in one afternoon.

However, earning a lot of money quickly remains an illusion. Making a lot of money is often in the long term. Yet these 5 ways are all worthwhile to earn some extra euros in a short time as a student. All options require relatively little time, for which you get a lot in return. So what are you waiting for?

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