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The best festivals to work at this summer!

The best festivals to work at this summer!

It is extremely popular among young people; registering yourself at an employment agency and work at the hottest festivals of the year. Free entrance, tapping beer for partygoers, enjoying the music and at the same time making money fast! That literally sounds like music to the ears. Do you also want to know what the best festivals are to work at? In this blog you can read all about the best festivals to work at.


Lowlands is perhaps the most versatile festival in the Netherlands. The 3-day event is packed with music, theater, comedy and more. It continues to surprise visitors and is one of the most popular festivals in the Netherlands. Taste the atmosphere behind the bar and work with a really motivated crew!


Pinkpop is known as THE festival with the biggest names. The line-up is fantastic every year and offers spectacular shows, with an average number of visitors far exceeding 100,000! Artists such as Paul McCartney, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Kygo and Fleetwood Mac are familiar with Pinkpop.

Legendary artists come from every corner of the world to play here. Pinkpop has everything; rock, dance, Dutch, you name it. Experience the atmosphere of Pinkpop in a great working team. We say YES to working at Pinkpop!


Awakenings is perhaps the largest techno festival in the Netherlands. Everyone who matters in the world of Techno plays at Awakenings. Are you ready for the challenge? Working at Awakenings can be an absolute eye-opener of what the festival has to offer.

Best Kept Secret

This is perhaps the worst best kept secret in the Netherlands. In a few years this indie festival has become one of the most popular festivals in our small country. Radiohead and Artic Monkeys, to name a few, have entered the stage and conquered completely with spectacular acts. Thanks in part to these big names, the festival has gained a lot of name recognition and now it not only attracts indie enthusiasts but also listeners of various genres. Varied line-ups that keep everyone happy, is that the recipe for success? Experience the Best Kept Secret festival by working at this giga party!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Since starting just a few years ago, Down The Rabbit Hole has grown to be the most visually interesting festival in the Netherlands alone. Build to be in a trippy style, you will find yourself on the other side of the rabbit hole for a while. What used to be the little sister of Lowlands has now become a real spectacle that the festival goers can confirm! Having worked at Down The Rabbit Hole will stay with you for a long time.


Time for a switch in genre! After an explosive growth, this hip-hop festival has been relocated to the Best Kept Secret festival site, where every summer hip-hop lovers are amazed with a great show. Especially after the fall of the biggest competitor ''Encore'', WOO HAH is on the left lane and is moving forward at lightning speed! Are you a fan of hip-hop? Then be sure to check whether you can work at this festival.


Mysteryland is one of the longest running electronic festivals in the world and is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. For four days, party animals party alongside the rivers and wooded hills of the Floriade terrain. More than 300 varying artists on 16 different stages with various genres that cover almost everything in the EDM. Dance, techno, deep-house and much more, Mysteryland surprises you every year with a fresh and varied line-up that will guarantee an intense festival. Do you like the idea of working at Mysteryland? According to a former employee of this festival, it is super fun and you create friendships for life.


Nijmegen explodes every year with the guaranteed hearing damage festival called; FortaRock. For the true metal and (hard) rock fan, this festival is a true paradise that attracts big names in the rock scene every year. Artists such as Amon Amarth, SlipKnot and no fewer than two of "the big four'' (Slayer and Megadeth) have conquered the stage at this rock party. Are you a real metalhead? Can't stop headbanging? Then make sure you can work at this spectacular festival.

We think these were some of the best festivals to work on. Of course there are many other festivals that weren't mentioned here, like Zwarte Cross, Amsterdam Dance Event or various events on the world famous Kingsday.

Check the link for the greatest festivals coming to the Netherlands this summer. Do you want to read about other ways to make money fast? Interested in other student side jobs? On our website you will find many more interesting blogs about student life and how you survive the coming years.