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Tips & Tricks for doing business as a student

Tips & Tricks for doing business as a student

#Selfmade. #Entrepreneur. #BusinessOwner. Nowadays Instagram is full of it: Young people who embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship during their studies. You can certainly earn a considerable amount of money with it, and who knows how your company will grow in the future.

You might actually make it your job later. However, doing business is not easy and involves a lot of stress, as I've experienced myself as a co-entrepreneur and student. I have been doing it for a while now and I'm enjoying my busy schedule and daily spending. That is why I definitely recommend that you no longer suppress your creativity and motivation, but rather use it to build a large empire. In this blog I describe 4 tips for doing business as a student.


1. Networking

I cannot emphasize this enough. Building a professional network is essential for the survival of your starting startup. Do not be a loner who thinks you can solve everything alone, but venture into the art of outsourcing tasks to contacts who specialize in this. Good business owners know where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Outsource your weaknesses and focus fully on what YOU are good at. Of course finances also play a role in this. That is why there is also a possibility to work together. So think not only what someone can do for you, but also what you can do for him or her. This way you maintain a healthy and balanced business relationship that you can benefit from later on!

2. Student and CEO at the same time ... HUH ?!

There is a good chance that you will have to do an internship during your studies. Do your ambitions for the future lie with entrepreneurship? Then you can consult with your internship coordinator if there is a possibility to do your internship IN your own company. This way you can work undisturbed for a semester on the growth of your company.

You often get a coordinator who is familiar with the industry in which you are working. This gives you the possibility to also have professional guidance. "Been there, done that", someone like that. He or she can give you all the tips & tricks you need to make your business successful. Plus, you guessed it, this person is also a great addition to your professional network!

3. Competitions

Are you fully convinced of your product and startup? Of course you are! Then nothing has to stop you from participating in competitions to win prizes. Participating in competitions is an effective and easy way to significantly increase your brand's awareness in a relatively short period of time. You often don't have to do much for it but to participate.

The organization is happy that there are participants and is willing to promote the event. Have you developed an innovative product? Made the next big thing? Participate in such an event: Network, discover what other co-entrepreneurs are doing and exchange information. And who knows, you might win the event and bring a nice sum of money that you can invest in your company.

4. Are you eligible for Subsidies?

Today, we are working hard to make our products and services more efficient and environmentally friendly. We should leave the world in good condition to the generations to come after all. Corporate social responsibility is therefore making a huge advance, partly because the world population demands it!

Human consciousness will start to gnaw at us when we know that we are actually not doing well. That is the reason why there is a great demand for organic products, green energy, electric cars and much more right now. Have you developed an innovative product? Then try to find out if you are eligible for a subsidy for your product. Subsidies are often available for NPOs (non-profit organizations) and "green" products. There are of course many more subsidies. So check carefully whether you are eligible for a subsidy. As a start-up, you could really use this money!

Doing business is FUN and a great experience!

Doing business during your studies is enormously fun and educational. You can put all your creativity into it. All theories that you have discussed at school can now be applied in practice within your own company. Experiment with what works and what not. These experiences will also be a really nice addition to your resume and LinkedIn. It shows that you are very proactive and like a challenge. And so what if your start-up doesn't work? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you don't go out and try it, you will never know what it could have been. I always say; "If you don't play the game of life, you'll see others score" So don't shy away from setbacks and deal with them. You can do it!

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