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Work alongside your study, advisable or not?

Work alongside your study, advisable or not?

This topic has been subject to discussions for years and is often reason for clashes between parent and child. Does a student side job really have added value for your future? Is earning money quickly with a well-paid side job wise or are we going for long-term success? Opinions are divided about what's best. Where should your focus lie? Your study or your work? In this article we'll be discussing 3 reasons why working during your studies is good for you!

Show initiative

Employers love a "go-get-it" mentality. It makes you a valuable addition to the team as someone that embraces opportunities and challenges and wants to make the best of it. You can train these properties from an early age by showing your own entrepreneurship or taking a student job. This shows future employers that you would rather do something than sit still and that you certainly will not settle for the minimum.

Nowadays there are so many opportunities for young people and students to work on to gain experiences and, in turn, take them to a well-paid side job. Ask yourself; what can I learn or undertake if I spend half an hour less on Instagram. This half an hour grows to an hour and so on. This is how you build up experiences and start learning to like working your A game!

What do you actually like?

Do what you enjoy and you will never have to work a day. Life is too short to spend it on a career that you don't really get satisfaction from. During your studies you will come into contact with all kinds of subjects and information that you can use to create a good picture of your preferences and interests. Add to this a side job that find really fun to do, and you'll soon see what kind of work you can and should work in later on!

A student job at an event organization? Weekend work as a catering employee? Do what you want and find out what you really enjoy doing. This takes a lot of choice stress from your shoulders at a later age when you have to choose a professional full time job.

Make money, duh!

This is a "no-brainer". As a student, you can make good use of some extra income. You need to pay your tuition fees and all those books after all! In addition, having a bit extra to spend is also useful for maintaining your own lifestyle and doing what you enjoy.

Gaining experience when you are young is valuable. You take this with you and you will remember all the mistakes you've made in earlier jobs. Learning from mistakes is one of the greatest sources of growth, and you'll therefore be a valuable asset in the company if you have been working side jobs for years prior to joining. It is also handy to have some money for emergencies. How else are you going to pay for those expensive dates, casanova?

We at Jopp hope you see the benefits of working during your studies. Have a look at our blog and read more articles about student side jobs, work mentality and useful tips & tricks!