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How do you write the perfect motivational letter?

How do you write the perfect motivational letter?

’’You never get a second chance to make a first impression’’, but when do you really leave a first impression? Many applicants assume that it happens at the first meeting. Of course, the first face-to-face meeting is extremely important for your chance at that job, but the employer already gets the first impression from your resume and motivational letter.

So how do you structure a letter like this? What is the correct sentence structure? What kind of words should we consider? How do you prepare the letter itself? Does it meet the regular criteria? In addition, your CV is the document that should enumerate your full professional and academic experience in just 2 pages. This should offer the employer enough incentives to invite you for an interview. Writing the perfect motivation letter is an art in itself. In this blog you will read 4 handy tips for writing your motivation letter and landing the job of your dreams!

Brainstorm about your motivational letter

Contractors do not immediately start building. Investors do not invest in the first share that can be found. A lot of thought goes ahead. Filtering and funneling information to ultimately arrive at the correct and most relevant conclusions for the ultimate result is necessary. You should also handle your letter of motivation this way.

Do not start writing immediately, but do your research beforehand. In which market, which branch, which environment is the company located? What are the criteria of position? What kind of team would I end up in? Brainstorm about how you will put this masterpiece together and start with simple notes of the necessary information and an alignment of the letter. When you think you have done enough research and the framework has been formed, you can start "coloring" the ultimate motivation letter.

What distinguishes you from the other candidates?

How nice of you to ask! You may think that you are a real Shakespeare, but convince others once again. This infamous question will be thrown at everyone, so it is better to answer it partly in advance in the letter. After you have researched the criteria of the position for which you are applying, it will become clear what they expect from the perfect candidate. It is therefore important that you do everything in your power to include in your motivation letter why you do meet the "requirements" of the employer.

Remember; it can smell, but is shouldn't reek. Liars will always fall through the basket. Make sure that everything you mention about yourself in the motivation letter can be confirmed by references, previous experiences and so on. You can take it for granted that your positive points and experiences mentioned in the letter and confirm that you are THE candidate for the position will be thoroughly tested in the conversation that is to come. Therefore, prepare these claimed statements well so that you do not end up with your mouth full of teeth when defending your statements.

Make sure the text is legible!

The textual factor is of course of great importance when writing the perfect motivation letter. There is no room for mistakes. This will only have negative consequences from the impression you leave. Consider the readability of your letter. Use compact sentences, with no more than one clause. This prevents readers from having trouble reading your letter and may drop out prematurely or get confused. Be "to the point" with the information that you choose to process.

A motivation letter should not be too long, so you certainly do not have the room for detours. Ensure that the information is relevant to the position and the reader. Write primarily from an active form. This ensures that your text appears more enthusiastic and friendly. Be forward-looking and adjust sentences accordingly. "I am willing to ..." "I am looking for growth opportunities" within 5 years. This demonstrates motivation and dedication. The reader will then get an impression of the potential that you have to offer. And you guessed it, that's good for your chances!

Check, check, DOUBLE CHECK!

There is nothing more frustrating than writing your motivation letter, sending it out and finding out that it is full of mistakes. "My chance has expired," you may think to yourself. This can easily prevent you from spending half an hour early checking your letter! Microsoft Word also has a nice built-in spell checker that you can use. Do this especially!

This not only checks for grammatical errors, but also for sentence structure and words that may have better synonyms and errors in punctuation. So take maximum advantage of the spell checker. When your letter has been read by the Microsoft robot, it is time for the finishing touch. Read the letter out loud, or even better, have someone else read the letter. There is a good chance that this person will not read over your beauty mistakes and can point you to them. You'd rather leave proofreading to someone else.

The moment of truth..

Now that you have finished your fantastic letter, it's time to send your masterpiece and hope for a quick response from the company. Who knows, you may be invited for an interview. Even then it is important that you present yourself in a representative and professional manner! Want some tips that may help you through that upcoming job interview? Read the blog!


Good luck! Have some faith in yourself, you can do this.You can find more tips on our website, preparing you for your next big leap forward.